Friday, December 21, 2012


Thoroughly enjoying gluttony right now while visiting my family in the suburbs. That carpet pattern would arouse any woman driving a 1996 Ford vehicle. I examined the shoes I left behind that wouldn't fit in my Toronto apartment. I went through a moccasin phase that would leave a teenage girl living in said suburbia dead as if she just got a glimpse of J.B. They will be on the market soon. This market I am referring to is Kijiji with a price tag of $20 in a size 7 (9 W). There's just enough fringe to make you want to spin to your hearts content.

Lucky enough, I left some amazing pairs behind that I embarrassingly forgot to bring with me to begin my new life of Hannah Hovath. A few pairs of vintage loafers that I know hurt currently at the moment, but it's okay, that's what medication is for.

I wandered through downtown aimlessly yesterday when I stopped to purchase some tea and I got complimented on my Blundstones. They're ubiquotous among the street kids of Queen West, but in the land of Top 40 radio stations and mullet haircuts - they're the new moccasins.

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