Thursday, January 10, 2013


Recent Born Ruffians' events led to my friend's friend being hit with a beer bottle. He was hospitalized and I'm sure he's playing the new Born Ruffians song now. Anecdote accomplished. Albeit, short nonetheless.

This past summer I persuaded my confidant to walk with me to Roncey to visit Glory Hole where they top their donuts off with bacon. That's code for smart mammal being killed to speed the bacon shortage. I proceeded with a non-judgment glare of my vegetarian mantra. Not in your body, but on your body. I can't forgo leather accessories. We exited Roncey and proceeded east into Parkdale. I told said confidant, "hey, that looks like the lead singer of Born Ruffians." In return, I get the glare of death as if I ate the bacon donut and she was the vegetarian. There he was, Luke Lalonde walking a few steps ahead as we followed sheepishly behind. After sometime between the border of stalking and casually walking behind a "friend", we lost him somewhere at Dufferin and Queen.

My daily addiction to BlogTO led me to the release of their new song With Her Shadow. At first listen, I pondered Vampire Weekend? Confused. Obvs. A much slower and softer first single that I can definitely get accustomed to. Picture this: Mai Tai's, beach and some Ruffians.

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