Thursday, January 3, 2013

not so pure

Apparently waiting a full month to buy tickets to a concert in a city of 2.6 fucking million people has negative consequences. Not the kind of consequence where your bank charges you fees for overdraft, no, no, much worse. Consequence 1: no actual physical tickets; this means no waving them in the air, no taking a picture to post on Instagram and of course no entrance. Consequence 2: Eating feelings. 

Learning curve. Buy dem tickets in advanced to avoid disappointment. I underestimated the popularity of Purity Ring and the city of Toronto. I planted my roots in a city of suburbanites where the subculture who would enjoy Rings of Purity would amount to the fingers of my hand. I've searched all the outlets: Rotate, Soundscapes and Ticketmaster. Sold out just like the release of Missoni for Target. 

My undeniably fail proof plan would be to purchase such tickets minimum two months in advanced, maybe 3. Just like how Moda Operandi does pre-orders right off the runway because ineveitably everyone will want a new Chanel hoop bag.  

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