Wednesday, March 20, 2013

lost in reality

Black Cap

Trendernet, you don't really want to participate in a current or about to blow-out-of-proportion trend and instead you create above collage to alleviate your depleting funds. I'm noticing a lot of department stores and small boutiques stocking up on New Balance runners. So kiyutee. 

I am, however, following the snapback trend. Affordable and at only $6 you can skip lunch and purchase a cap and become one of the cool kids. At my current quarter age and my youthful exterior, I would caveat wearing something that would extend my youth. Layer "adult" pieces and juxtapositioning  it with a cap without looking too second year university.

When in doubt, think yes, this cap would look great with Marnie in season one, but not season two. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


I have been reading a few articles throughout my experimental 20's about dressing for said decade. They collectively all state the same arguments: lose the logos, tailor your fit and experiment with lets say drop crotch pants with a gold lame silk tee. Is that experimental enough for you Ask Men?

I believe the demographic for this article is leaning towards the generic male who considers Crocs as an appropriate form of summer footwear.

The logos have left, the tailoring is more of a I know what works for my body and my experimental phase is still in progress. I got to thinking, I abandoned logos, but would the aesthetic of a certain garment or accessory be considered in theory, a logo? The Proenza Schouler PS1 for example is a prime example of forgoing logos, but its aesthetic is so muted and distinct that anyone who knows it, well, knows what you own.

Fashion Month is all about the concrete walk rather than the more buying value of runways. There are articles surfaced all over the internet about branding. One would assume logos, but in high fashion - it's all about who you are wearing. And right now, I am wearing a Gap t-shirt bought at kill price.

Will we escape logo fatigue? Can we?

I can see your Canada Goose coat brah.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

that's so elitist


I'm experiencing a crisis - not like a mental breakdown my boyfriend broke up with me sort of crisis (I would actually need to have a boyfriend for that to happen) - but a hair and clothing crisis. The rotation of my winter clothes have left me impotent and lacking creativity. This Katie Eary tee should do such pleasure in my wardrobe. Oversized and tucked right into my pelvis.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

except when you got that look in your eyes

Can I discuss the greatness of being single, followed by even more awesomness of being single? Yes. Yes you can. I don't have to inform anyone of my doings, except maybe my stern, yet relaxed parents. Yes for double standards. I have the ability to contribute my savings account and maybe an RRSP. No fancy dinner for two. Nope. Just a table for one.

And a ticket for one to see Kate Nash too please. I went to Rotate This this afternoon and purchased just one ticket. See, saving money already by not buying two. The sales man who wore a red chambray shirt with a nice vintage dad inspired vest over said "just one?" I said "yes."

Did he just manifest my singleness? Was it because I left my gloves at home? Am I not allowed to go to a concert alone? Maybe I would be meeting my friends there as this is a general admission concert. (Full disclosure: I am going alone.) I'm sure the nice gentleman was just concerned for my safety as events like this requires a group of 2 or more. I'm well aware I am breaking all social norms. My friends even think this situation I have placed myself in is considered "sad". I attended a movie alone last year once and it gave me time for self-reflection. I'm sure when Nash sings Dickhead I will self-reflect even more.