Friday, April 26, 2013

boy girl, boy

Welcome to a new segment where I break the divide between mens and women's clothing. I call it: Fuck Gender Constructed Textiles. Hey brother, I know you really want to wear McQueen's beehive dress and you totally should and you'll probably look fabulous. Hey gurl, I know it is already safe for you to don a suit, board shorts and even a baseball tee without any context being insinuated on your sexuality. However, if you wear ill-fitted mens clothing then you might be called a U-Haul lesbian, but if you wear a skin tight Versus dress then you might be asking for rape. Either way, women are fucked and we men are fucked too.

I've chosen this adorably cute and slightly oversized sweatshirt by the youthful Pierre Balmain. I played it a little safe for this first post and this sweatshirt doesn't break too much of a divide, but only by the fact that it is located in the women's department. Next time I'll choose a pair of Alaia pumps because we all know Cher put it on the map. We all need to exercise our manly soccer kicking calves. Instead of that chic pleated perforated skirt, I would probably insert a pair of simple and basic blue shorts. Boring, I know. But spice it up with a pair of tan oxfords and you're set to hit the library or a pussy riot.

I choose the latter.


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