Saturday, April 13, 2013

giving birth

Do you remember when lunch breaks were just lunch breaks-cum-smoke breaks? I left work to grab lunch with a friend only to be stopped by a photographer who works for a blog. I gladly accepted his offer. I was envisioning Abbey Lee Kershaw via Gucci Floral campaign or Raquel Zimmerman for Alexander McQueen. I was at that apex of my professionalism that my $9.99 vintage shoes deserve.

We went on to some Q&A and I totally should have said some real bullshit, but I went with the truth. I should have created some rad pseudonym like Fern or Peach. My occupation should have been Kill Bill's Gogo Yubari or a hot yoga teacher preaching kale and loose leaf tea. My worst fucking response of all was how I  stated my style: casual with a twist. Such a pre-pubescent response. I just need some debriefing and clarification of this childlike answer. I do categorize my style in the casual department, but I feel casual doesn't justify my cuffed denim, my oversize jumper and my vintage jacket, yah know?

I like to garner inspiration from Leandra Medine to Alexa Chung to Morgan Jones (my muse). I don't want to be one of those pretentious bastards describing their style as undefined because you're so abstract, you douche bag.

Coachella-ella-ella-eh-eh in Canada I stay.

Photo: BlogTO

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