Tuesday, May 7, 2013

and there we met

Met Gala! Met Gala! Who let perpetually bullied Kim K. in? Oh, of course, it's about who you know and not what you know. I would fuck Kanye to go to the Met. JK! Selling your soul is a bargain to be surrounded by Miley's literal punk ensemble and did you see that head piece Sarah Jessica Parker donned? Was it a bird? Militant armoury? Again, a bird, but alive? How much did it weigh and does it have its own Twitter handle yet?

The most importantand obvs unbiasedgetup was by yours truly, Ashley Olsen. Doesn't she remind you of an orange creamsicle? Maybe the fox engulfing the world of the Firefox icon? Look at those assuming pink Manolos gracing the freshley vacuumed red carpet. Hopefully they used Dyson.

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