Thursday, June 20, 2013

men's issues as difficult as your period

You know that process where excess oil gets trapped in your pores and it results in a pimple. Or two  Or 5. Carrie Bradshaw often concealed hers as a homage to Cindy Crawford's mole. I don't necessarily have the opportunity to create arbitrary moles based on where my pimples like to set up tent. And so, Tom Ford has resurfaced the discussion of make up, for men.

It hasn't completely been commercialized by wider society, but I think he's on to something and so am I. I mean, he's trying to normalize the fact that men do care about their grooming, without wanting to be scrutinized by society. It doesn't make you gay or reduces your masculinity. You can still eat pussy and put on some bronzer. But really, come on, I'm fucking poor and I'll be scouting Cover Girl concealer for under ten dollars at your local Shopper's. I know this because I use concealer to address those unbecoming pimples.

Finally, June weather is kicking in.

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