Wednesday, July 24, 2013

i felt it fed me more

Searching for fall designer ads is an excruciating tab-heavy experience. Safari tabs everywhere along the bar. It is more excruciating than going to Holt Renfrew to try on a pair of Tod's and only to accept defeat that you really can't afford beyond your means. In short, you are broke as shit and right now you can't even afford hummus and pita.

But what I can afford, if I don't eat for a week (or six and half) are fall magazines with soon-to-be-filled-with fall designer ads. Not Vogue. My Google searches are just not computing "(insert designer here) fall 2013 ads". Am I searching all wrong? Should I add please? Feed a cookie into the disc drive? Or throw a heavy stone?

I'm not enduring in any more Google searches in relation to fall ads. What I will be doing in the next month or so (six and a half to be exact) is heading to Indigo and purchasing all these glorious magazines like Dansk, i-D, Pop and V. And more international magazines where naked nipples are the norm.

Let me know how much Daria you see this fall sporting Parisian textiles.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

it's the fucking banks

A lot of shit happens when you go on vacation. You miss a lot of shit too when you get back to reality. M.I.A. finally released her video for Bring The Noize. The ensembles are so sterile. Sterile is also accompanied with fuchsia follicles.

And that makes Mathangi a goddess. 

do what it tells you, please

I'm going to attempt to articulate this gentle enough without harming the masses who don them.

Just kidding. No mercy, Toronto, et al. 

Sportswear. The future (currently present, meta!) demise of sportswear as casual wear is upon us. I will teach you how to actually use its literal function, properly. These ubiquitous Nike sneakers are being worn with goth ninja ensembles, leggings of all colour (including gold) and my absolute favourite, cargo shorts. This insanity needs to stop. Cargo shorts, of the suburban variety, is a whole different story.

Now that the sportswear trend is slowing dying and being burned inside my thoughts, I will use coercion on how to apply sportswear, literally.


1. Running, from a dinosaur or to elevate one's health.
2.Taking a brisk walk with the girls discussing that new abortion bill in Texas.
3. Grabbing groceries in suburbia.

Repeat use 1 only, sans dinosaur. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

utilizing social spaces

Don't you think there are just too many repulsive buildings in Toronto? Was it necessary to build one eyesore glass condo after fucking condo? What purpose do you have fathoming a 50 floor piece of concrete? Am I done yet? No. Why is our transit lacking in superiority? I mean, why is our subway just, sub-par? Mediocre, dear friends. Can we Canadians stop dressing like slobs? I understand lounge wear is comfortable, but fuck, put some pants on. Put those Nike sneakers away. And lastly (not really), why can't I get good coffee after 7PM.

These are the questions permeating my brain after arriving from a well earned vacation in Europe. Where, I'm coming to the realization that Europeans do it better. I'm by all means no aficionado in architecture or engineering, but what's important to me is building something with a purpose. It needs to be functional, but considerate of the landscape. To create not for the sake of monetary intent, but to really build something royal, beautiful and breathtaking.

And so, as I sort through my photos for an obligatory photo diary, I'll conquer said questions and answer accordingly. But really, I'll just be complaining and looking into adopting European culture. Saude!