Wednesday, August 14, 2013

let them have it

This is like, trying to make fetch happen. (Who saw The Canyons?) Derivatives of high fashion is making me really uneasy and I'm unsure on how to approach the situation. Not the diffusion type, but the type that belongs in Chinatown or Canal Street. I had to endure a (most likely) suburban family don Homies t-shirts in bright orange at The Taste of the Danforth on the weekend. Ain't Laurent Without Yves was last seen on Queen West and it stirred up some much heated debate with myself. Comme des Fuckdown is actually quite cool. It was original, fresh and street style ready. Please don't fuck with Celine. Please don't fuck with Celine. You did, fuck with Celine.

Is democracy the message? Is label blindness your goal? Are you a bastard jumping the bandwagon? Majority of these message wearers are 20-something urban kids. Urban kids enjoy Marc by Marc Jacobs, American Apparel, craft beer and apparently faux designer duds. They're relaying a message that says, hey, I can't afford Saint Laurent, but this $72 sweater just set me back $72, + shipping.

Sure, it looks cool. It's damn right affordable, but I can't take it seriously. Are you understanding the rises and falls of Saint Laurent? He went from chic black brim chapeaus to grunge 90's for fall 2013. Maybe, I'm taking fashion too seriously and I should just let street kids enjoy their moment. I mean, it is important to treat fashion as a respectable business in a world that ridicules its intellectuality. Not everyone can pull off denim on denim.

 I will gaze, but not engage.

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