Wednesday, August 21, 2013

retailer, listen, we don't want your sheep

This coat is from a sheep and/or lamb named Daphne. She sold her soul to Sweden to feed her family, but secretly it was to feed her hunger for Alaia laser-cut booties. We all have justifications and in the case of Family versus Alaia, the latter triumphs.

Shearling of all varieties are consuming a lot of real estate on e-commerce websites. To my disdain, I feel that it is: a. not appropriate (like being incestuous) and b. I'm in shearling fatigue from fall 2010 collections. Does anybody recall Burberry Fall 2010? Yes, those shearling booties just resonate and some how just three seasons later, shearling feels, dated.

What I propose is that we keep shearling in the closet and start sporting our authentic self. Click it.

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