Monday, September 30, 2013

just let me organically perch my arm on your shoulder

H&M released a archived capsule collection in respect to its Mauritz heritage, albeit, a purchased heritage, but a heritage nonetheless. The collection is filled with sturdy pieces which has reminiscent of British lineage. The Swedish company wants to make sweatpants as pants a thing and I might only because 1. it's cashmere and 2. Carine pulled it off so effortlessly via disheveled appropriation.

The boys at Cup of Couple collaborated with H&M and moseyed around in a park looking nonchalantly chic. You know how much I love European style and how when it's transferred to North America, it just never works. Why? We just don't care about simply putting ourselves together and we become lazy sloths. I think Canada just needs to give more shits and while Mauritz will help with the journey. The question that remains: why am I not a permanent resident of Barcelona?

Photo: Cup of Couple

Sunday, September 29, 2013

this is not about macklemore vs. le1f

Le1f, spelled with the number 1 because I'm sure it has a significant meaning and it looks cool too. He dons sportswear at the height of its trend and what should have been my summer jam last year, turned my fall jam this year. Wut, a somewhat blatant message about interracial homosexuals because people, it's a thing and we should talk about it.

Like professor David Gilmour rejecting writers who own a vagina or those carrying yuan, gay culture I find alienates what is not the dominant colour. What Le1f is expressing is the objectification and fetishization that white culture has on colour. He perches himself so gracefully on a muscularly toned white - perhaps Ukrainian - man who chooses not to disclose his face because I guess it's a thing we don't want to talk about.

Note: dance, but do like a "I'ma make a movement" kind of dance.

Friday, September 27, 2013

biking with leather soles: the guide

The ownership of luxury shoes at the almost defining age of 26 is small, but growing and while I can justify a few hundred for Common Projects -- I can't justify the activity in which I paraded the streets in. I biked in my Meermin Mallorca oxfords from the west end to the east trying to escape every activity that would add injury to the bottom of my soles. In my ever so cycling poverty state, luxury shoes with leather soles is something in which should remain on the streets and not on the protruding metal pedals. Here is a simple guide to biking with handcrafted shoes. Giovanna Battaglia and Derek Blasberg make it look like all fun and shit but you'll be crying once you're left alone with your shoes listening to Lykke Li.

It may seem sad that I'm weeping over shoes, but you would too if your Bentley crashed into a pole.

The guide:


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the luxurious side of backpacks

Do you recall me commenting about Raf Simmons purple satin backpack? I told you to splurge on the aforementioned sack because in retrospect, I think I can predict trends. It's kind of a gift and kind of a burden, but hours of blog reading and critical analysis can go a long way.

I read an article the other night from Business of Fashion and how backpacks are becoming all the rage thanks to models donning them doing go-sees to designers packing the sequins (I don't know if this is actually true because it's probably the interns duties to do so). It's just functional, mobile and the ones trending will set you back a month's rent. I'm sporting my JanSport because it has a lifetime warranty and I can spill herbal tea on it. See her, Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast, she just posted her 3.1 Phillip Lim backpack in Paris and she's wearing mules. I bet she stores her DSLR and some quinoa bars.

You can't just sport a backpack with any ensemble. You have to articulate your outfit intellectually or you'll be infantilized and brought back to grade school. Own a suit? Don a backpack. Own a silk crepe gown? Don a backpack. Own cargo shorts? Go with a satchel and burn the shorts.

Trend or essential? Probably both and we'll probably move to fanny packs made of pony hair in a few seasons.

Photo: Fashiontoast

look at your fucking closet

Do you recall grade school when you owned Adidas tear-aways? I sure do and I would snap them off my peers and in retrospect, that was not a very good idea. Snap buttons was something of a dangerous sartorial choice, zippers add street style ready without the thought of someone wanting to tear it away from you. I'm intrigued and a little confounded because just yesterday -- literally yesterday -- I took a pair of scissors to my blue elastic band pants and cut them maliciously.

I intended to turn them into pants sans elastic band, but I didn't estimate the final inseam. The reason I chose to do this was because I felt the elastic band had a youthful disposition. What was supposed to be edgy carrot pants turned into carrot floods. However, I saved the green pair because I put precedence on green.

I scrolled through some photographs this morning for inspiration and this appeared and captivated me without question. This was something I could don at ease without having to purchase anything new. I like to call it, Look at Your Fucking Closet because sometimes you don't need to buy, you just need to be inspired. While I don't own anything paisley at the moment because it makes me look dated, I have the fortunate opportunity to own a floral shirt.

All I need to complete this look now is to pace back and forth at a crosswalk.

Photo: Tommy Ton

Monday, September 23, 2013

shopping is now a man's hobby

I think men are having a moment. Sure, we have blurred the lines of consent thanks to Robin Thicke and we still make more money than the child-bearing gender according to an article I read on Jezebel. (I can't find the article anywhere, but it's somewhere there and the statistic is for every dollar a man makes, a woman earns 78 cents.) The article on CNBC has even validated some derivative of this. This is both a fortunate and unfortunate interest in our demographic depending on how one looks at the situation. Through my critical views, I see retailers seizing a moment on capitalizing on men because they're probably bored with women and since men make more than women, why the fuck not take their money too.

Who are these real men you speak of? The link that arrived in my inbox from LinkedIn seems to have targeted suburbanite men who are just discovering that shopping doesn't emasculate you. You can walk into Coach, Lululemon and Michael Kors at the mall, buy your yoga pants and talk about pounding your next lay. Real men, shopping.

Have you noticed how much bombardment we have been faced with? Corporations like Old Spice and Axe are persuading us to purchase their products because that's the only way to attract a woman. Just show them your bank statement and if you're well endowed, well, that can help too. Society is rapidly changing in a direction that redefines masculinity. Which means we'll be doing what women have been doing all along - only this time you won't be called a homosexual. There are new online stores like Mr. Porter and East Dane exclusively just for men who cater to lifestyle shopping. There are even brick-and-mortar stores that are exclusively for men as well or have expanded their selection of men's pieces. I know the article states that men enjoy assistance, but I like retailers to leave me alone.

On a positive note, I'll have more selection in terms of cuts, design and quality. I'm excited to have variety and for designers to have interest in targeting specifically just men. Even better, I have even shifted the tone of this blog from womenswear to menswear because I felt there was a void on the internets. I want something of a Jezebel, but for men which focuses on fashion, gender and pop culture. There will be the occasional post about womenswear because we can still learn a few techniques from them.

Well, SSENSE is now offering Fiorentini + Baker. Shop now and rid the world of a recession.

Photo: Normann Copenhagen

Sunday, September 22, 2013

in the event that you happen to be in a flea market

Do you want to know how it feels to dance around wearing lame? You can via Solange's new music video shot at King's flea market in Houston, Texas. I might just start creeping into arcades - or the Junction - in a gold lame gown and just start performing a move from the above video. While Solange teaches us fashion tips on glowing lace sneakers and hair twerking, lets not get lost on the message of the song.

Solange sings about a youthful state of playing games with your heart and leaving it to die. Die. But playing games with people's living organism can leave you feeling pretty sadistic and that feels shitty. And maybe playing games at 17 was fun, but shit gets real when you're 26 left alone with nobody but knitting tools to get you through the winter.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

can i work for your style guide as it appears to be coming soon?

Net-A-Porter, the luxury e-tailer which has been open for fourteen years finally saw a window to open Mr Porter two years ago. Net-A-Porter wants to capitalize on the men's market and hey, why the fuck not. Albeit, I hear men aren't even purchasing these items  — their wives are. I don't have a husband so I am filling my shopping cart with material dreams.

Shopbop, purveyor of contemporary brands like Alexander Wang and Theory and with additional luxury brands like Lanvin and The Row bringing it to upper middle class level. Shopbop has developed a brother label titled East Dane. East Dane? Sounds like a celebrity from like the early 2000's who developed a drug addiction after his sitcom failed miserably. JK. Sort of. Failed celebrities obviously don't carry brands like 3.1 Phillip Lim and Rag & Bone.

The website layout is mediocre at best and feels a little dated. It doesn't excite me to shop on the website, let alone browse through the merchandise, albeit, it is superbly easy to navigate. I get to shop the editor's picks, but there are three of them and they've all amalgamated together. I'm confused and found that annoying. Like any other website, your shoes should be the focal point of any e-tailer. At least in my unprofessional (unofficial) buyer's opinion. The shoes are lacking major. Like, Victoria Beckham major.

The exchange rate to Canadian is excellent.

In conclusion, give it time, maybe some more exposure because I wasn't even aware that this website existed. Maybe you should commission Rihanna to throw a launch party offering free styling.

there are other p.a. alternatives

Lets put this in the closet drawer under novelty along with the likes of Chanel's hoola hoop bag, McQueen's shoes (albeit, arguably art) and Prada's s/s 12 pumps. Why are we so fascinated by this rayon/cotton/nylon sweatshirt? Could it be that Wang's niece sported it in t-shirt form? Could it be the great return policy via Moda Operandi? Or does all come down to marketing?


Step 1 - Fun fashion show with Erin Wasson closing
Step 2 - Rihanna (international singer with the hit Pon de Replay)
Step 3 - Rihanna dons jumper
Step 4 - Everyone wants said jumper
Step 5 - Wait 6 months
Step 6 - Wear to fall 2014 show hoping to be photographed by Tommy Ton

Monday, September 16, 2013

ask a russian: miroslava duma

Russia seems to perplex me every second of the day. You have the Russian Revolution, the USSR, the civil war and you have Miroslava Duma. The bourgeois fashion elite we hope to become one day so we can inherit all things Kenzo, Chanel and Stella McCartney. 

I did a basic Google search on Duma's stance on Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws that showed up empty. Like, Mr. Porter shopping cart empty. Sad, but very true. I guess we'll never know. How about we contact her at Buro247.

Some delightful questions to ask:

What are your thoughts on the new anti-gay propaganda laws?
What did you think of Rodarte SS 14?
Will you be wearing Chanel to the Olympics?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

let the weather dictate

Fall weather permeated The Golden Horseshoe and what came out was bulky sweaters and Canada Goose coats. Are you fucking kidding me? Those were made for the arctic. Obviously, the aforementioned coat wearers don them early to display what they have, and they want you to know it.

At this very moment, we are rising to what feels like 42 degrees, and sadly, the public pools have closed, but the ferry to Hanlan's is always ready. Don't panic and think you need to purchase a new outfit because summer literally never left and why what you already have is fine. However, if you really need to purchase an article of clothing to release some psychological brainwashing - this Saturdays Surf Shirt is for you. Really, it easily screams last Ontario summer with a stealthy transition into fall once you have that green army jacket cloaked over or a denim jacket. Easy, right?

You can purchase through Mr Porter and get a fancy white box or walk to Jonathan and Olivia where you can touch and try on before you purchase.

Monday, September 9, 2013

added variety

I am a little fatigued with all of the collaborations occurring this fall because I can't seem to catch up. I'm just fucking with you, of course I can comprehensively follow every collaboration being created. But really, slow the fuck down.

We have Converse x Margiela being released on the controversial date of 9/11. Then there's Superga x Man Repeller, because, why the fuck not. We can slowly move to goth ninja/sport ninja or what have you with Adidas x Rick Owens. And for all us lovely Canucks with a deep following to Hudson's Bay Company, they are doing having a marriage with Jack Purcell.

I seriously can't purchase ALL of these sneakers. I have to pay rent and my phone bill and if I had a pet that pet would need to be fed. Like I previously said, it's all kind of overwhelming, but not. Okay, if I had to purchase one collaboration out of all of these with would probably be between Superga and Converse. Now, rumour has it that the Converse marriage is ranging at $200 US and Superga at $150 US. You know how I pick my battles - I wait for a sale.

What my real concern is that why do collaborations for men only involve the sneaker variety? I would thoroughly enjoy a toque collection designed by Alexander McQueen for Uniqlo. That's idealistic and I feel Sarah Burton wouldn't agree to such a thing. Why not a underwear collaboration between Calvin Klein and Erdem. Imagine. Floral on floral on shit stains.

Friday, September 6, 2013

the rise of kanyeism

I read somewhere and heard from someone, that those single strap sandals with those things that protrude are making a return. Like, what return? There is something inherently suburban and normy and that my friend, irks me. But why?

My dear pal Pelayo (we're besties, but he doesn't know it), is enjoying his play on Adidas sandals, which remind me of high school and that is something I don't want to reminisce about. However, that is not to say that maybe Pelayo lost his virginity wearing those sandals, so maybe, they're good luck. Just not with me, sorry bestie. I went into contemplation and thoughts occurred and stress ensued and maybe I am in a sartorial cul de sac.

Yes. I know.

I feel I play it safe with my Americana looks courtesy of American Apparel. It's simple, trendy, but not contrived and I kind of nailed it down. Stripe red long sleeve tee, tucked into beige shorts and paired with, I don't know some Common Projects if I were a self-made millionaire, but I am not so I am going with white Converses. An interesting article by The Cut discusses the rise of menswear and how we need to step outside our fucking boxes. It turns out that my shopping habits and how I follow trends are something of a Kanyeism, according to the article.

What is Kanyeism? I just made it up, but let me explain. Kanye raps and he's also a designer (see: his Paris collection and his A.P.C. collaboration) extorting you of overpriced plain white t-shirts. Kanye is cool and what he will wear, I will eventually wear, 3 paycheques down the road. Not. I don't love Kanye and Givenchy is not on my list of what to purchase this fall. You see, music icons and fashion become a unison to give you a lifestyle achieved by consumption. You're are not Kanye West and do you really see yourself as a father at 22? It kind of feels like novelty and I'm not sure that is a good thing.

What I conclude is this, yes, there is Kanye meets Givenchy, but fuck there's other shit out there in the universe. What about Woodkid meets Kenzo or holy shit Rick Owens x Adidas? And have fun with sandals and socks.

Photo: Kate Loves Me (he really does)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

butter video

YouTube is cluttered with videos of Nasty Gal's opening purchases from their online haul, girls are literally unpacking their Alexander Wang Rocco's and Michelle Phan, well, she does make up because society tells her to. Guys, we are currently on a dry spell and damn it I want to see someone pour their heart out when unraveling their Givenchy t-shirt.

I am on this really trendy binge where I online shop and throw everything in my shopping cart and then empty it. Sad, but true. It's kind of like this eating disorder I had in grade eleven, JK. I am all alive and well and super skinny now. I am truly infatuated with this brand called Common Projects and a sneaker on my feet will make me just the happiest boy in the west end. Gravity Pope has a few lust worthy pairs and if they send one over my way I'll be one of those content bloggers who does undisclosed advertising.

Common Projects, which launched in 2004 by two New York creative artsy types with a passion for sleek minimal design. They're Italian made and they'll fucking bankrupt you because a pair will set you back roughly $450 CAD. What the fuck, Mr Porter is shelling them for $350 US. God Bless America and their financial cul de sac.

It's a little creepy that he doesn't create much of a monologue in the video, but maybe he is letting the shoes speak for themselves. I'll take what I can get, yah know, much like sex. Work on that focus, bro. I read that there is an increase in men having shoegasms.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

club girl culture: michael kors

I recall my days in high school when being pushed into lockers was the norm and gay bashing was something I had to tolerate. Bullying builds character, yah know? That fucking bastard probably got some sort of pleasure because of his lack of height and maybe he got a late circumcision and had to make up for his manhood elsewhere. That piece of shit also donned street wear with the names of Phat Farm, Ecko, Enyce, etc. It got me thinking, hard: does what you wear coincide with how fucking of a bitch you are?


Dear Gentlemen (and lesbians), if your girl, girlfriend, fuck buddy, escort, etc. wholeheartedly decides that donning Michael Michael Kors handbags is a fashionable delight, walk the fuck away. Why has the majority of every woman carrying said designer tend to carry this nasty sass? Nasty. I mean, do you have to fucking wear your sunglasses indoors? Those fluorescent lights are not that blinding, take them off. I'm sure majority of these wearers are club girls. Club girls are super mean who enjoying elbowing and throwing drinks and hands in the air for no apparent reason. You are not fucking tonight. You walk and strut and walk some more, toting this ubiquitous bag firmly on your forearm displaying your status.

The status being that you wreak of ratchet.

From a design perspective, its contemporary lines are that of not being worth $400 CAD. It's a little basic, simple with a tad of K-Marty. Wouldn't you rather appear like a docile woman and carry Kate Spade instead? In short, I have this theory that woman who carry Kate Spade are dainty girls who enjoy brunch.

I ask of you girls who carry Michael Kors - be nice.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

dead animals

Vintage jumper, American Apparel shorts, Vans sneakers

Labour Day, what is it really? Let Gawker reiterate why drinking in your backyard is as sad as a puppy waiting to be purchased at PetSmart. I, who is not in possession of a backyard, spent my day reading and analyzing the aforementioned article. Fuck no, I'm Canadian and I deserve my beer in my backyard (my backyard being Trinity Bellwoods).

I remember my days of Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne and sporting long sleeves under t-shirts so freely. You kind of need to wear a pair of Vans to reminiscent an occasion like that, no? I purchased my first pair of Vans and I kind of felt youthful in a very adult way, of course. Perry just wouldn't purchase any regular Vans; these ones are made of cow hide to give it a more luxurious "adult" look.

So yeah, that is my summer tan courtesy of my savings account traveling to Portugal and Spain and locally at Hanlan's Point (no savings required). The tan will be shedding and so will my soul. Luckily, we have Vitamin D in a bottle and you can even purchase said nutrient in orange juice. Ooohhh.

Get back to work you traditional 9-5 work hour labourers.