Friday, September 27, 2013

biking with leather soles: the guide

The ownership of luxury shoes at the almost defining age of 26 is small, but growing and while I can justify a few hundred for Common Projects -- I can't justify the activity in which I paraded the streets in. I biked in my Meermin Mallorca oxfords from the west end to the east trying to escape every activity that would add injury to the bottom of my soles. In my ever so cycling poverty state, luxury shoes with leather soles is something in which should remain on the streets and not on the protruding metal pedals. Here is a simple guide to biking with handcrafted shoes. Giovanna Battaglia and Derek Blasberg make it look like all fun and shit but you'll be crying once you're left alone with your shoes listening to Lykke Li.

It may seem sad that I'm weeping over shoes, but you would too if your Bentley crashed into a pole.

The guide:


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