Monday, September 23, 2013

shopping is now a man's hobby

I think men are having a moment. Sure, we have blurred the lines of consent thanks to Robin Thicke and we still make more money than the child-bearing gender according to an article I read on Jezebel. (I can't find the article anywhere, but it's somewhere there and the statistic is for every dollar a man makes, a woman earns 78 cents.) The article on CNBC has even validated some derivative of this. This is both a fortunate and unfortunate interest in our demographic depending on how one looks at the situation. Through my critical views, I see retailers seizing a moment on capitalizing on men because they're probably bored with women and since men make more than women, why the fuck not take their money too.

Who are these real men you speak of? The link that arrived in my inbox from LinkedIn seems to have targeted suburbanite men who are just discovering that shopping doesn't emasculate you. You can walk into Coach, Lululemon and Michael Kors at the mall, buy your yoga pants and talk about pounding your next lay. Real men, shopping.

Have you noticed how much bombardment we have been faced with? Corporations like Old Spice and Axe are persuading us to purchase their products because that's the only way to attract a woman. Just show them your bank statement and if you're well endowed, well, that can help too. Society is rapidly changing in a direction that redefines masculinity. Which means we'll be doing what women have been doing all along - only this time you won't be called a homosexual. There are new online stores like Mr. Porter and East Dane exclusively just for men who cater to lifestyle shopping. There are even brick-and-mortar stores that are exclusively for men as well or have expanded their selection of men's pieces. I know the article states that men enjoy assistance, but I like retailers to leave me alone.

On a positive note, I'll have more selection in terms of cuts, design and quality. I'm excited to have variety and for designers to have interest in targeting specifically just men. Even better, I have even shifted the tone of this blog from womenswear to menswear because I felt there was a void on the internets. I want something of a Jezebel, but for men which focuses on fashion, gender and pop culture. There will be the occasional post about womenswear because we can still learn a few techniques from them.

Well, SSENSE is now offering Fiorentini + Baker. Shop now and rid the world of a recession.

Photo: Normann Copenhagen

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