Sunday, September 29, 2013

this is not about macklemore vs. le1f

Le1f, spelled with the number 1 because I'm sure it has a significant meaning and it looks cool too. He dons sportswear at the height of its trend and what should have been my summer jam last year, turned my fall jam this year. Wut, a somewhat blatant message about interracial homosexuals because people, it's a thing and we should talk about it.

Like professor David Gilmour rejecting writers who own a vagina or those carrying yuan, gay culture I find alienates what is not the dominant colour. What Le1f is expressing is the objectification and fetishization that white culture has on colour. He perches himself so gracefully on a muscularly toned white - perhaps Ukrainian - man who chooses not to disclose his face because I guess it's a thing we don't want to talk about.

Note: dance, but do like a "I'ma make a movement" kind of dance.

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