Friday, October 4, 2013

disecting manscaping

The male body form, was to be looked at and desired and now to be judged and scrutinize. We are now having to pluck, shave, trim, douche, paint our nails, even buy groceries at the men's department (JK), etc with products targeted specifically towards men.

I shop at the woman's department because there is more variety and it's much more affordable. Same shit, really.

A post on Ape to Gentleman appeared in my Flipboard about The Anatomy of Manscaping. When the word manscaping is used in the title, I will look for ways to tear shit apart. And so I did because the statistics seem to be null because the post included a recommendation from Braun. The manly brand using the word manscaping so leisurely. Braun did a survey and uncovered that 70% of men desire to have less body hair. More money for Braun and less body hair for you. Which now means that body hair is now considered undesirable and the only way to please you sexual partner is to labour away.

The article gives us some designs to consider varying on how much body hair your have. My personal favourite is the snail above because I think it looks phallic and funny. Number 1 is the tree, the most popular at 20%, where you are just about to graduate university and soon you'll enter your debauchery yuppie career.  Number 5 is for the lazy fucker who doesn't know how to switch clippers. He is the average guy with a SLK entering a new phase in his life dependent on cocaine. At least he's rich.

In conclusion, the Braun cruZer 6 shaver also works as a vibrator.

Photo: Ape to Gentleman

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