Tuesday, October 8, 2013

for the inner sailor in you


Every summer my style is generally skewed towards one specific aesthetic: nautical. Or as my peers like to call it very Americana. Think tees and long sleeves with very thin red of blue horizontal stripes flattering every skinny angle of my body. In addition, I have two of the most adorable anchor shorts that you would think I own a yacht in the south of France.
I am just that rich.
To compliment the one yacht-related footwear that I own, the boat shoe, I have discovered something delightful to execute next summers theme: nautical. It's classic, really. I discovered Miansai bracelets through Mr Porter because I have nothing better to do with my spare time than covet merchandise. And they're super affordable too starting at $55. I'm really yearning for the one with the green rope with a rose gold hook, it reminds me of the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. Or if you're feeling global, the chain addition is quite classic, duh, and looks very nice when placed on a arm rest in an airplane. 
I have secured two locations in Toronto that carry Miansai so you can at an ease prepare for next summer of nautical. Lost & Found has a plethora of leather and rope varieties and watches too if you don't want to glare into your phone. Accoutrements aficionado Elevator boutique stocks necklaces and cufflinks and a tie bar, if your tie is feeling naked.

Meet me in Nice?

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