Saturday, October 26, 2013

it's saturday, time to turn your straight friend gay

Were you aware of Forbes list of the highest paid male models? Yes, of course. I should have never doubted fashion fiends. Then you know that Sean O'Pry ranked number one and raked in over a million dollars. That is roughly, I don't know, 5% of what Gisele Bundchen earned. Sean O'Pry is straight and one day could be my boyfriend, common-law, husband, what have you.

This would all be true, if he were fucking gay and actually attracted to the same-sex. I'm back to reality and paying high-rent for shitty apartments. I read an article on Huffington Post's Gay Voices about Dan Heching, a gay man, asking a straight man out on a date. Why do we insist on conquering what we can't have? He likes to eat pussy and you like to suck dick. Done.

The two eventually agreed to meet, have dinner and discuss work. The straight man talked about his girlfriend and then Heching suddenly felt a flight sensation, but stayed to endure the dumbness that inevitably followed. The article goes on and on and the topic of homophobia even arises. I don't even give a shit about the date anymore. Okay, fuck labelling theory and I like to think that sexuality can be fluid. However, the gays I know dislike bisexual people, but straight men are a given a pass.

What were you expecting? That he somehow would wake up one day and realize that he wants to rim your ass? Fun, right? Straight guys are straight. We should respect their sexuality as they should respect ours. How would you feel if a woman took you out on a date and politely asked you be straight so you can raise her children? Can you feel your authentic self wanting to be released from God's hands yet?

Anyway, I'm going to watch some gay-for-pay porn. This is probably where it all derived from.

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