Thursday, November 28, 2013


On yesterday's reduced closet space.

I kind of wish that I didn't shower three consecutive days in a row because that would then make this outfit more authentic. I donned this outfit three days in a row only changing undergarments twice. You do the math and give me a scale from 1 to 10 - with 1 being vermin and 10 being the child of Kate Middleton - of how hygienic I really am.

Day 1: I wore it to the Beaver. I pranced and got inebriated to Solange and other 90's hit jams from Foxy Brown.

Day 2: I went to visit my parents in suburbia. They don't judge. They judge.

Day 3: The above photo is day three. A friend came over and we finished the rest of season one of Girls. If I have to watch Hannah and Marnie throw a toothbrush at each other one more time, I just might have to gouge my eyeballs.

I bought that jumper two (three?) years ago and have never, ever, washed it. I don't want to pay for dry cleaning. Do I really need to wash every garment I own? Fuck no. I'll dry clean it if there's a rancid stench or a ketchup stain.

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