Tuesday, December 17, 2013

soles: allen edmonds

Shoes are essentially an extension of one's disposition. The athletic and active individuals are sporting Nike Free Run's, the lazy suburban's are moseying around in Crocs and the coasting hipsters don Blundstones and Docs.

An article in Fast Company about Allen Edmonds got me contemplating about the art of brand awareness and how the youth of today have enough disposable income to purchase goodyear welted shoes. Um, at 22 I was purchasing shoes from Aldo and other high street brands. Graangaard, your son has dapper shoes because you make a good enough salary to support him and his other bourgeois tastes. And, who are they networking with? The fucking devil?

I have to wonder, though, did the integrity of the company disappear somewhere between outsourcing some of their footwear and firing 8% of staff to gain profit?

Alright, enough business hoopla because who wants to talk about that? Not this urban hipster. I deeply value the heritage of the brand and I am more concerned with the higher end products rather than the outsourced pieces. If I am going Allen Edmond, I am going all the way to handmade in America.

The oxfords are well crafted and exquisitely designed giving you the look of, I make six figures and I want you to know it. They would pair it with a Tom Ford suit, because why the fuck not. Or, in my case, the urban hipster that makes a salary that is slightly lower on the spectrum and donning it with cuffed denim like the above photo.

When did the hipster paradigm shift from vintage to heritage?

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