Sunday, December 22, 2013

the art of thom browne

I've been to a few weddings within my existence on this planet and I don't even own a suit. Repeat: I don't own a suit. There's enough emphasis there, that, you kind of want to throw me off a cliff and I will only allow it if I am securely harnessed, of course.

I've had many formal occasions where owning a suit was probably mandatory, but I have always decided to forgo the suit for pants and shirt combo. Occasions: communion, graduation (elementary, high school, college and university, quarter-life crisis), 16th birthday, job interviews (I prefer the, dress your personality type interviews) and of course, dentist appointments. You really need to let blood and saliva spill on some good textiles.

Then, as per usual, I was catching up on some much needed BOF news and an article on Thom Browne arose. It got me cogitating, where in the world is my fucking suit. Okay, I always knew there was a void in my wardrobe and I made a vow to myself back when I was in my early 20's that the first suit in my wardrobe had to be a made-to-measure suit. Is that a lot to ask for? When you charge a few Christmas presents, yes.

This is where Thom Browne plays a role in building my made-to-measure suit. Owning such craftsmanship would really signify a significant change in my life, career and how I wish to present myself to others. I associate owning a good suit to being in your mid- to late 20's. You know that you haven't fucked your life up, yet, and you can afford to purchase really expensive hand-welted footwear, occasionally. You're still not ready for that long-term commitment so you get a puppy instead, the partner will follow, maybe.

A well-fitted, well-crafted suit speaks highly of yourself. Owning a made-to-measure Thom Browne suit is just the icing on the cake and really just an ODE to being your authentic-self. Show dem ankles.

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