Saturday, December 21, 2013


You ready B? No. Because I am Drunk In Love.

I have this straying love for Beyonce because while I enjoy her music, I don't love her music. And then she shits all over the internet and Drunk In Love is on repeat while I read theories on feminism. Seriously, go read of women's suffrage, right now. Or Beyonce will steal your kittens.

Grimes, I remember you, it was the summer of 2012 and I just moved to Toronto to pursue a career in debauchery. So far, it's panning out quite nicely. You're my Canadian heroin that I can be weird to and we have exclusive co-ed slumber parties where all we talk about is our undying love for Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT!!).

Where do I even begin with the brilliance and greatness that is Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough. They created the ultimate IT bag: the PS1. I want the PS1, but I also want to pay rent. I'm conflicted. They literally push the boundaries in terms of textiles and shapes and can really see how they have an eye for their craft. Don't get me started on my grade school crush with Hernandez.

So, I know you're probably asking, what is the commonality between these three creative artists. Well, it's Jay Z. I bet you did not see that coming because I sure didn't. Okay, I did, except for when it came to Grimes. Jay Z is Beyonce's sex partner in crime and is a feature in Drunk In Love. Jay Z did a collaboration with Proenza Schouler to produce an sub-par duffle sold exclusively at Barneys. And Grimes, purveyor of all things cute just signed with Roc Nation. Do that triangle thing with your hands. Rep.

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