Monday, January 20, 2014

gender according to jw anderson

Gender is so passe.

Why is it even a topic of discussion? It will always, and will be, a topic of discussion if we continue to divide the men's and women's collections right? Will amalgamating the two really be an answer in combatting "gendered" clothing? Probably not.

Dazed magazine moseyed over to J.W. Anderson fall 2014 collection to further discuss a world of post-gender. Anderson stated that "I feel that in a modern culture, if it's about gender then it's a very dated concept. I wanted to achieve something awkward, less comfortable." Men in high heels is not fucking awkward and does not make me feel less comfortable. It's fucking amazing and I want the stark white pair.

I concur to Anderson's thoughts and the idea is, idealistic in a society that is secured on galvanizing  controlled gender. Everybody has an agenda with gender. Corporations have an agenda with gender. Have you wandered through those pink and blue toy aisles? I could essentially use my gender to oppress those of the opposite sex. G.I. Joe has weapons and Barbie, depending on what collection, has a divine set of Louboutins. I won't oppress, but society has structured it in my favour. Does gender have a purpose? Biologically, sure. But when referring to the socially constructed connotations of masculinity and femininity, then yes, we have to progress and look beyond dated visions.

Essentially, Anderson sums it up: "It's not gender for me, it's just clothing."

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