Sunday, January 5, 2014

hey, you, yeah, with the headpiece

Peppermint latte and a fudge brownie: $7 with tip.

Overhearing a business transaction about headpieces: almost priceless.

This business transaction involved the designer and the business woman conversing about headpieces for women. Women have fascinators they can wear to exclusive royal weddings, funerals and tea time. Did I mention funerals?! And then you have those ornate things that sit on or around your noggin. They are ubiquitous as ever when it comes to: music festivals, urban cities, a trip to Urban Outfitters, millennia's, etc.

Perry thought, why are men not donning these fancy head contraptions? Sure, we have headbands, but we don't want to look like a Juno movie 24/7. Perhaps, it will make us appear effeminate, high-maintenance and gay. OMG! GAY! Like, calm the fuck down.

It's really about where we occupy space when choosing to wear elaborate, or not so elaborate headpieces. At Burning Man, fuck yeah. At a Lady Gaga concert, is that even a question. To Whole Foods, only if it's organic. To the premiere of Girls next Sunday on your sofa, obvi.

Headpieces will be a thing this year for men. I call it right now.

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