Saturday, February 8, 2014

what's your price point?


Sandals ranging from $60 to $800 and some deviating by a few hundred dollars, because, I wanted range in prices. 

I feel that this is the greatest digital art piece I have ever published online. It just feels so organic and natural, more so than a mother birthing her first born child. No one actually celebrates the other born children. (Third born here, ergo: neglected, ergo: socially awkward.) I do, I celebrate all my shoe purchases as if each purchase was my first. 

The slip on shoe is that of an enigmatic one, in the case that, it is both ugly and beautiful and when correctly worn, appears effortlessly casually without looking too contrived. Albeit, when one -- or many -- fashion piece becomes ubiquitous amongst fashion people, said item becomes contrived and certainly loses its ethos. 

Every year, there is always one democratic item. (See: Cambridge Satchel.) This is the year of the Birkenstock. Available at SoftMoc and probably available soon at Holt Renfrew in a Givenchy iteration. Wear it with Saint Laurent or sport it with Proenza Schouler. Don't you dare wear it with cargo shorts. Do sport it with socks when appropriate. 

I have to wonder, will consumerism help bring the weather to above zero weather. Psychologically, sure. 

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