Friday, February 7, 2014

rubbers, not the condom variety

I am not in the market for anything at the moment, but if I was, now is the time I would normally be shopping. Retailers, e-tailers, etsy folks, are putting shit beyond sale. Boxing Day, Black Friday, a casual Friday -- that's just corporate hoopla wanting your dollars for their "deals."

Sandals are hitting the market and chunky slip ons are on point; I like mine with a hint of flatform. WHAT THE FUCK GIVENCHY. Luisviaroma is offering a pair of rubber Givenchy sandals emblazoned with the Disney character, Bambi. The what the fuck is awarded to the diluted retail price of $322CAD. That's half my rent, groceries for 2 months or falafels once a week for a year. It's fucking rubber. The rights to Bambi doesn't cost that much, does it?


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