Thursday, February 6, 2014

sean o'pry and friends on details

Men are beginning to reign just a little bit more when it comes to editing their appearance. Corporations are making it exhausting to live in this unjust universe. We're purging straight leg denim for more of a tapered fit (I led this movement), there's a plethora of men's grooming options that's causing a nuisance and I'm unsure if I should get that vasectomy. It's a fashion accessory right now.

Details Magazine graced their March 2014 fashion issue with 10 male alpha white models. Did I mention they're all white? None of them of colour. Clement, you look so good in that mustard yellow leather jacket. Where is it from?! Really, where is Zhao Lei, David Agbodji or Simon Tham. Fashion likes to call for diversity, but is it a double standard when it comes to its male counterparts?

The cover, is not representative of the population we live in where there are more than just white people. There are Blacks, Asians, First Nations, multi-racials, orange, purple, you get it. I gaze into this cover and I fit no where on the spectrum of male models. Albeit, I did get photographed beside Sean O'Pry, but they decided to crop me out last minute. Something about me not being tall enough, obvs, but they could have given me a stool like the other two male models. Fuck, my height can't catch a break.

What if -- crazy idea -- Details decided to apply what Vogue did with Lena Dunham. Tony Hale! Put Tony Hale on the cover. What about Michael Cera? I didn't go into your archive so I don't really know if you put him on the cover yet. I know, Donald Glover. Done.

Photo: Details

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