Wednesday, February 19, 2014

shaving like it's a sport

There are some objects that look phallic -- sometimes unintentionally, some literally and some of us just lust for some some D, yah know, so something like a rug will look phallic no matter what. This one, looks like a vibrator, but functions as something more nauseatingly mundane. It shaves your face. Not for you, but I'm sure there's an ad somewhere on Craigslist. There's always an ad.

Why can't we embrace facial hair as much as how women are embracing the bush. That phenomenon was probably socially and politically constructed. Society expects us to look clean. You wake up, shave, maybe have a quickie (that's S-E-X) before work and you head to your white collar job. (Corporate jobs are super fun.) Monotony is overrated. As much as every man hates shaving, we have to do it.

This sounds like serious advertorial talk. Harry's was marketed to me via Twitter this afternoon and as much as I love their Canadian commodity debut, I prefer the aluminum variety. There's something powerful about shaving your face with a solid piece of Al. It's like the MacBook of handles. It's $20, but if you really love your narcissistic millennial self, you'll purchase the engraved version galvanizing your initials till death.

Photo: Harry's

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