Monday, March 3, 2014

caring for textiles

When I come home from whatever I'm doing, I immediately change into my indoor clothes because somehow, tomato sauce will mysteriously land dead centre of one of my favourite shirts. Now, do I wash? Dry Clean? Or pulverize it with a meat tenderizer until the stain disappears?

Cry anxiously until it goes away.

Lets say, a shirt, from American Apparel is made of 100% cotton and throwing the aforementioned item in the washer -- as instructed -- shouldn't be an issue. On the other hand, the above Givenchy t-shirt is as well, 100% cotton, albeit, more expensive, but instead, the care instructions prefer you to dry clean it instead.

What's the fucking difference?

They're both cotton, except one cost $610 and the other, $25. That added step of care, the dry cleaning, is giving you an illusion of luxury. The illusion that because you shelved out more dollars that this commodity has more value and therefore, should be cared for like your first born child. Should I be dry cleaning my AA shirt because it's 100% cotton too? The matter that you paid a fortune for juxtaposing prints, means that the extra cost of care is really a non-issue.

You are upper-middle class. You can afford to be frivolous and eat macarons on a whim.

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