Monday, March 10, 2014

le1f releases hey ep, but the art is in the styling

Last summer, I was introduced to Le1f. The summer was sweltering and the New Balance sneaker trend was in full bloom. Wut was the track and shaking my ass was the game. (A scene you only want to see if you are willing to gouge your eyeballs after.) Le1f, how was that Ukrainian cutie sucking your muscles and do you still pour Evian?

The year is 2014, Russia is adamant on annexing Crimea (dumb) and Le1f is releasing his much hyped Hey EP on March 11. The cover: Le1f has stationed himself somewhere fabulous in Paris with his arm on his hip and staring into the abyss and he's sporting the dopest of dope orange knee-high socks. An homage to the 90's? Sure.

The EP, with a tracklist of 5 songs titled with one syllable words includes Wut. Eyeball gouging tools not included. You can stream the whole EP over at Pitchfork for your audible pleasure.

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