Saturday, March 8, 2014

men, you now have the opportunity to participate

Corporations are focusing on capitalizing on men because they've kind of run out of ideas with women. Happy International Women's day! We now have to worry about "manscaping (whatever the fuck that is)," about fitting into "ideal" physical bodies and if we have enough followers on Instagram. Do you remember when you could eat french fries as much as you wanted to and not worry about your weight?

As men are entering the fashion realm more aggressively, we're going to have new questions like, who wore it better? I'm glad you asked. Louis Vuitton's s/s 14 leather jacket made it to the March covers of Nylon Guys and Details. Who did wear it better? Is this even a question? I'm bored and these covers need analyzing, so why the hell not.

First, we have Norman Reedus, better known as Daryl Dixon, the red neck, crossbow zombie killing champion. So much testosterone. I don't like it when you drink, really. Your disposition went from reserved to a complete bro douchebag. You showcase a little chest hair, which, is a little sexy, but it appears you have bangs and I'm unsure if that is the best look for you. You pair it with what looks like a tank top and jeans, which give you a casual look, which is the Nylon Guys lifestyle.

Second, is Clement Chabernaud sharing the cover with two other models and when unfolded, a plethora of other male models. He's currently ranked #2 on, just behind Sean O'Pry. His shoe size is a 9. Chabernaud casually relaxes his forearm on Garrett Neff's shoulder and bends his right leg a tad. This balances him out as relax next to two alpha male models, respectively.

In conclusion, I wish they peacocked the detailed graphic on the back.

Photos: Details Magazine & Nylon Guys

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