Friday, March 21, 2014

on unbuttoning buttons

And how you can try it too, while oil pulling. 

Living in Toronto for two years now, you kind of adopt this attitude of being a neighbourhood elitist. I've had friends say, "who goes north of Bloor?" or "the fucking east end?" with either a dead pan expression or hysterical laughter. 

I have to wonder, what is there north of Bloor? Do they have hydro and are harem pants acceptable? Traveling north was kind of a nuisance, I had to endure the street car and then transfer to a subway. Thankfully, that friend, moved east and I can with ease, leisurely cycle to his dwelling. 

So, here's my stance on the above photo. South of the border, hip down, not so peachy, not cute, not adorable and I kind of wish he took cues from Pelayo Diaz of Kate Loves Me. Albeit, Diaz would do this so my argument is null. Just north of his erogenous zone, you have two unbuttoned buttons. Two. Not one. Two!

I can't. It just looks too good.

It was as if he foresaw the future of Alexander Wang's spring 2014 collection, belly button not included. Would that be tasteful? Are men allowed to casually display where their umbilical cord was once attached? I'll champion this next move.

I've mastered the art of buttoning all my buttons, like how I've mastered using chopsticks from birth, but unbuttoning the bottom two -- that's unchartered territory. He elicits his look with so much ease and confidence, it's unparalleled. I have to wonder, how does it move? Does it only look good when his hands are comfortably places in his pant pockets? 

Tell me your secrets. 

Photo: MTV

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  1. Sounds like you and your friends enjoy stuffing eggplants up your ass. "The fucking east end?" Yeah. Parkdale gets pretty overwhelming after years of that mentality.

    Good luck.