Saturday, March 1, 2014

without mel, riri would be naked

Paris fashion week jumpstarted this week to Dries Van Noten delivering a psychedelic offering and I was confounded when Gisele Bundchen closed Balenciaga. Should we still be surprised given that she once closed Alexander Wang's fall 2012? Yes.

It's Saturday and the only news you should care about this weekend is why Giovanna Battaglia is sitting in the second row, behind Rihanna and Mel Ottenberg (we'll get back to that sexy silver fox in a moment). Rihanna, part-time designer, world superstar and professional Instagrammer -- is a influential person. Sure. Does she deserve the front-row? Shouldn't it be reserved for people like Battaglia, Wintour, Blanks, Fargo, et al, who do business with fashion.

Here's the gist, Rihanna embodies fashion, she's fucking internationally famous, she (Mel?) creates trends. Ergo, fedoras are making a comeback and Battaglia still still gets second row.

I'm exhausted.

Mel Ottenberg is a fashion editor, Rihanna's stylist (famous people don't know how to dress, duh), gay, babe, gay babe and father to my unborn children. He has to be photographed in the shadow of Rihanna. UPSETTING. knows better than to just photograph Rihanna alone, Mel, fashion person, is the result of her Lanvin front row ensemble, and thus, must be photographed, too.

Mel knows his way around a fax machine. Nothing turns me on more than a man who knows who to operate dated office technology. Swoon.


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