Monday, April 7, 2014

not your blue collar ethos

I had a choice, once, to pursue a navy jumpsuit at my vocational milieu. I stared at it with such joy and conviction. Being lithe at five foot six, I questioned: is the jumpsuit, suitable (had to!), for a person of my stature?  

The New York Times did a very recent survey regarding the recent inclination of men donning jumpsuits. By survery, I mean, two comments following the brief and straightforward declaration that said jumpsuits are making a triumphant return to mens wardrobes everywhere.


Jim stated that he will "never go there" and Jon Carl Lewis said "never in a million years!" A valid survey, right. Guisseee, a decade ago, we were all like, plucking your eyebrows is so feminine. Well, you know fucking what, when corporations have their way with us, they get what that want and I'm sure you fucking lads are "manscaping" as we speak.

The jumpsuit is easy. It's one piece. It's akin to a frozen dinner where all your food groups are present. All you have to worry about is accoutrements, which, really should not require much. Add a watch, maybe a hat and some oxfords or stark white sneakers and you're done.

If you can once admit to donning wide leg jeans, you can elevate yourself to jumpsuits.

Photo: The Sartorialist

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