Tuesday, May 13, 2014

everybody needs a carrie

The last time I needed formal attire was for a wedding last year and the adventure was choosing the right dress shirt. Other than that, I don't care for dress shirts, but I do love myself a great casual shirt.

It's a lifestyle thing.

It was season six of Sex and the City and Carrie and Burger went on an outing that would truly define their relationship. They went to Prada. They drank some champagne, Carrie tried on some dresses and Burger was disturbed by the price of Prada. I feel, I, was more disturbed that Burger refused to spend a small fortune on what Burger would wear to many of his book tours.

There were no book tours.

According to Details magazine, the shirt industry is concerned that young men aren't buying enough Prada. Okay, just any kind of dress shirt, really. It's clear that we still buy the suits -- sans shirts.

Probably, most likely, the 20 something's in today's world aren't fucking around in corporate offices requiring crisp conservative shirts. What if, the majority of 20 somethings are creatives working in an environment where Naked and Famous jeans with a River Island tee is just as acceptable. Or maybe, we're just jobless.

Or maybe, finally, it's socially acceptable for men to express their personal style and show some keen interest in fashion and creating new rules in saying "fuck the dress shirt, we've been fashionably oppressed for too long".

Photo: Prada

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