Thursday, May 22, 2014

on the idea of the perfect sneaker

It exist. Just not today.

Fresh from thinking about selling my gently used and nicely scuffed Superga's online (something Golden Goose cannot counterfeit), as per-usual, I went online window shopping for a new pair that will be gentle and kind on my feet. Of course, visually appealing sneakers are just as important of a feature as finding the perfect husband with a full-head of hair.

Ami, a young French label garnering attention over it's specialty beyond trends and it's ability to be: wearable. These are the type of clothes that you can wear to work, the beach, to your next health clinic visit and at times, even a wedding. I'm really bored of wearing suits.

This leather/suede sneaker appealed to me on so many horizons. It's sleek, minimal, stark, but not too stark and it added a splash of colour at the heel of the sneaker. I'm sold. I would have pulled out my credit card that I just paid off for these sneakers, but.. There's always a caveat.

The logo. Where's it's placed and how it was designed.

The logo is quite strong and forward and not very subtle in what I am personally looking for in a sneaker. It could have been sized down to the size of an edamame bean or placed on the tongue where it can be slightly hidden by the laces. It also just feels rather.. cheap. As if, I just earned an honour in Boy's Scout for learning to fend off pollen and stitched it in a rather quite conspicuous area.

This look is good right here, though.

Photo: Mr. Porter

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