Friday, May 23, 2014

the bicycle cool factor

There are two things in this world that I am certain about and: 1. that joggers in the public sphere should not become a trend because what does it even mean?! and 2. that biking to work kind of arouses all sorts of body parts. (Hint: elbows.)

There's one thing that I am uncertain about and that's denim. I own 3 pairs of denim. I really only wear one of them because they make me look slimmer than usual. The caveat, though, is that it's a button fly and I have to leave one unbutton for comfort. Though, I'm really more of a trouser person so I haven't overzealously pursued the quintessential denim. Soon. I'm cogitating fall 2014.

I'm pro biking to work, to your Friday date, to ruin your favourite trousers, what have you and I'm con with fucking being doored on King St. And so, Bike to Work Week commences May 26 - June 1st (but it's really everyday, except from Nov - Feb) and are collaborating with Dutil to give out free bike lights!

They're really just raving accoutrements.

Why does Pacific Row think you should bike to work?

1. It works out your gams.

2. It's faster than the TTC.


4. To achieve the urban illusion that you are better than non-bikers. Cigarette in hand. (Smoking is gross.)

5. To piss off Rob Ford.

6. For that non-chalant look of holding your bike on the street with one hand (at the bar or by the seat [extra cool points for holding it by the seat]) while you look for a secure place to lock your bike.  Subtract 5 points for locking it to a helpless tree or a dangerous gas meter.


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