Wednesday, May 7, 2014

the summer turtleneck

It is not a thing.

Last summer (the summer where all I wore was breton stripes), I contested that summer toques should not be a trend. Why? The purpose has been forfeited. I don't necessarily need to explain why because you're most likely questioning it yourself. Summer toques. Question mark.

This elusive, no where to be seen within a mile radius summer, has got me questioning more ludicrous fashion contradictions with mother nature. Is it okay to wear a turtleneck in the summer? This is a spring issue, so, maybe it's a spring trend. Which, I guess, kind of makes it acceptable? Actually, this is a June/July issue, which, I am assuming he is spending his summer in Latvia.

The real issue should be about Matt Bomer's coming out story and how important it was to marry his partner Simon Hall, etc. But, the real story is that Matt Bomer is wearing a turtleneck on the cover of a summer issue for Out magazine. The weather in June/July (damn double month issue) does not subject you to that of a turtleneck. How about a breton tee with 8 inch seam khaki shorts and a pair of white sneakers. Or, a crisp white shirt with floral shorts and a pair of Birkenstocks.

All perfectly acceptable outfits, just not the turtleneck variety.

Photo: OUT

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