Sunday, May 25, 2014

today in music: elly arranges her disposition

When it comes to hair, like clothes, how you dress before you leave your home is set accordingly to how you feel at that very moment. At least in my daily life, that is how I like to approach the curve balls life throws at you. I hate maintenance. I hate haircuts. I hate that my barber refers to women as chicks, but he cuts damn good hair and his price is competitive.

Did I mention this barber hands out free combs with his business # (that's the number sign) emblazoned on said combs?

La Roux, also known as Elly Jackson, also known as the woman who hit mainstream success with the track Bulletproof, thus, percolating every bar in all of North America into a nuisance. Jackson is back with a new track titled Let Me Down Gently and if I didn't know any better -- I believe she's referring to her mane.

Once protruding like a beautiful unicorn's horn, Jackson has let her hair down gently. In her new video, she's brooding compressed angst while sitting in a half-lit room and she's beautifully stationed on a chair. Then she runs off somewhere.. Bye!

La Roux hits The Danforth Music Hall on June 1.

See you. There. Maybe.


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