Tuesday, June 3, 2014

the men of cfda

But really only about Thom Browne.

At last night's CFDA's awards, I was exposed to Rihanna's nipples and I was okay with it in a way that Instagram currently has qualms with. They're just nipples. They don't cause climatic change and they don't cause civil wars. They're just nipples.

It was rather unorthodox with the men's attire, opting to expect the unexpected and they did. The men of last night saw Tyson Beckford sporting slippers with a suit - refreshing! Marc Jacobs wore pants - he's not allergic! And then there was Thom Browne, purveyor of cropped pants, thematic runway shows, chiseled jaw line and most importantly: the short suit.

The outfit is nothing new (he wore the same silhouette to last year's CFDA's), the same way you would expect Jenna Lyons to show up to an event in a blazer, pants and pumps, but for some unascertained reason, it feels new.

It feels new on the notion that he's wearing something casual at a formal event and it undeniably works. Because when fashion people dress up, they don't actually dress up. He's rewriting formal rules and he's bringing along short suits. Sans nipples.

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