Friday, June 6, 2014

the only hat you should care about right now

Not because Rihanna donned it, but because Rihanna donned it.

The trend-to-be bucket hat first went to consciousness when just two weeks ago, I just finished a 20 minute commute and I noticed that my neighbour was entering his home sporting a denim bucket hat. He styled it with aviator sunglasses, a denim shirt, cropped khakis, high-top white sneakers and confidence you can't counterfeit. Questions arose: did he go fishing? Does he have fisherman lineage? How long did it take you to grow your hair to be styled into a top knot? What was enclosed in that LCBO paper bag?

From that clear moment, when you notice one bucket hat, the severity of that consciousness becomes acute and then all of a sudden -- bucket hats are permeating Toronto.

Maybe just Trinity Bellwoods Park.

I have been making mental ticks in my head how many times I have seen said hats and it's currently ticked off at just under five ticks. Very, very little ticks for a city that follows trends religiously. I fucking hate shopping. However, I was compelled to shop for a bucket hat and after 30 minutes of not finding one, I fucking gave up.

I'm going to have the accoutrement find me, or log on to Amazon.

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