Tuesday, July 29, 2014

trend spotting: video edition

Lykke Li, a Swedish delight juxtaposed with a perpetual melancholic disposition, has released her second video: Gunshot. Li, cruises through what could possibly be the set of The Walking Dead's season 5 set with her face cloaked in ghostly makeup.

A bucket hat makes a cameo. Let's investigate.

At the beginning of the first chorus, she finds herself enclaved by a group of men. They push and she doesn't seem to be bothered. Why? Is the power of the bucket hat trend just too insurmountable?

We can not see the wearer's face, but we can identify that the bucket hat looks well fitted, is of a neutral palette with some green undertones in a army print.

A marvellous bucket hat only ScHoolBoy Q would approve.

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