Tuesday, July 8, 2014

capitalizing on the shirtless jogger

Raising your democratic voice, sans shirt.

Let me tell you about the last and only time I ran through downtown Toronto half-naked. It was the summer of 2012, I was new to Toronto and I was employed part-time and paying $750 a month on rent. The harsh reality of an urban 20-something. Jogging is one of my favourite joys for endorphins and sometimes when running in Toronto, you need to take your fucking shirt off.

The only thing that catches my eye is Toronto's skyline, but for Joe Killoran, in brown shorts (they look like swim shorts) and black socks and sneakers, he seized the opportunity to engage in conversation with a mayor who's tainted pedigree includes the use of crack, corruption and a trip to KFC.

We want answers.

Shirtless protests to remove Mr. Ford from his position was inspired by Mr. Killoran. Here's a sartorial take on raising your concerns and utilizing your Nike Frees as a catalyst to raise your democratic voice.

Grab a group of model friends -- because everyone has a group of model friends -- and inform them that going shirtless with black joggers is their patriotic duty to set in motion that Canada is a friendly country. FRIENDLY! EH! Mayor Ford out!

What about taking the Francisco Lachowski route with white shorts adorned with one blue and one red stripe on each side. Cut a few inches above the knee to convey that you're serious about running and looking contemporary and that you're concrete on your left-wing political stance. Babe.

Try the brooding look. Not as effective, but the effort is present because of the choice of pattern.

Or just cause a tirade on Twitter.

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