Monday, July 14, 2014

dubious term for the modern day gentlemen

There's a new amalgamation in the air and it's not about Alexander Wang x H&M. Nope. This one is the worst. Like, yuppie worst. No. More like, super fucking disgusting that someone had to coin a term for it worst. It's almost similar to finding out that your best friend is a republican supporting anti-gayness.

What happens when you combine physical activity, paid sex and your choosing of sexual identity?
Something like a convoluted "spornosexual" sounds genuinely appropriate. Essentially, it's a male who enjoys sports and porn and what I like to call the Modern Day Narcissistic Normie Bro living in Liberty Village with access to social media who's easily manipulated by corporations.

(It's important to note that these men are not gay, but they can be.)

The upgrade from metrosexual is that the apparel you don don't define you. Rather, your ability to bench press an insurmountable number is pivotal. What these men don't seem to be miffed by is that they appreciate being objectified to their physical attributes because that's what woos women and themselves.

What I am miffed about is the normalization in homosexuality being acceptable in spornoexual routines.
The art of grooming is now longer allotted just to gay men, it is now appropriate for heterosexuals to consume this culture. Interesting, though, is that I've noticed a shift in that heterosexual men are becoming "feminine" while gay men are yearning for this ludicrous "masc" ideal.

Society, man.

So... Germany vs. Argentina/watching porn/posting a selfie while doing the aforementioned activities.

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