Friday, July 4, 2014

men in skirts

Not just for Marc Jacobs. And not for everyone, either?

The thought has never went into consciousness that I would ever have the opportunity to wear something so unconstricted, so free flowing and it really is the catalyst to protecting your sperm. We're discussing the skirt because damn it, I'm bored of finite bottom alternatives.

A minor caveat before we begin, through research and observation and utilizing my critical analysis, is the skirt limited to who the wearer can be? Potentially. Think of Marc Jacobs, he's not necessarily feminine and neither is he necessarily masculine, but he looks masculine. He has a beard, he's covered in tattoos, he wears it with a form fitting shirt (the colours are quite muted), not a blouse and most often paired with chunky boots and if you're feeling extra fancy, a Birkin. Also, photo above.

What does this all account to?

For one to wear a skirt, the skirt should be structured, perhaps below the knee, of a somber colour picked off of any of Rick Owens runway and you might require a beard. If you can't grow a beard, I have a contingency plan because fuck the beard and just don your skirt anyway. Pair said structured skirt with a structured top, perhaps a jumper and while you're not limited to boots, a pair of oxfords do just fine.

Carry a Moleskin notebook to look important.

The skirt doesn't have to have a feminine connotation. Like how JT is taking back the night, we're taking back the skirt.

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