Thursday, July 17, 2014

the value of sneakers

There's something palpable about a high-low collaboration that makes me want to pull out my debit card with about less than $62 credit and put a down payment on these sneakers on layaway. Do companies -- small and large -- still do layaway?

I can, to some degree, promise a bi-weekly payment of $17.

I'm going to be frank, there are really cute baristas in this coffee shop right now (RSquared). What I'm really trying to be frank at, is that, am I the only person who didn't know about the first white collaboration? Okay, revoke my street cred because I had none to begin with anyways.

Ricardo Tisci, purveyor of t-shirts with aggressive and non-aggressive animals, will be releasing his second collection of Nike moon boots sneakers for sneaker enthusiasts world wide. While these sneakers are Beyonce and Jay Z On The Run tour ready, you kind of have to be patient if you don't live in Europe.

Lets talk commodity, because why not. Economically speaking, commodity is created to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Sociologically speaking, bloggers, designers, influentials, etc are creating this fallacy of yearning and they're doing a damn good fucking job at commodity fetishism. Tisci collaborates with Nike -- meets the demands of Kanye fans. Relative to other collaborations, lets say for example, Rick Owens x Adidas, his shoes are setting you back a few hundred, where as Tisci x Nike are setting you back no more than $300.


The value of a product is quite arbitrary, but not really. In terms of design, the Tisci x Nike design is skewed towards the Nike aesthetic and the Owens x Adidas design is leaning towards team Owens. Both are high-low collaborations and both are designed to be skewed at either one end of the spectrum.

The question is: who do you want your consumer to be?

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