Thursday, August 28, 2014

how to travel

Many of my dearest friends are from suburban towns who consider their four wheelers like their first born child. For me, my single speed Pierriot bicycle is like said metaphor. Albeit, it's more light, smooth and kind of enhances my urban babe status. I'm enamoured.

I juxtapose the differentiation between me and my friends because when they come to visit, we are not taking the bus and we are not riding the subway -- we are riding bikes. They hesitate. It's the only efficient way to get around this fucking city and I play the game of beat the streetcar and bikers on cruisers.

The friends I mentioned, they get a feeling of anxiety with the idea of riding in the city because it seems chaotic and just down right ludicrous, but once they delve in, it's really just like riding your bike to grandmas. So when HBO released this Girls teaser of Hanna falling to her imminent death, I thought of my friends who don't ride bikes.

This is sort of a P.S.A. to start riding bikes.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

dunham, a reading

The weather earlier today was conducive to layering that in the middle of August, I put on a jumper and a denim jacket over that. I biked to Fresh at Queen and Shaw and while normally I would have been drenched in underarm and back sweat, I was essentially sweat-free. Is this the equivalent of a polar vortex?

Lena Dunham is going on a US book tour to promote her book Not That Kind of Girl and while she's not officially touring Toronto, she is coming. She's one of the headliner's for Just for Laugh's at the going rate of $69 and you receive credits to other shows like the amazing duo of Broad City.

I love you Dunham, but I'm going to save my $69 because I found this video of you reading from your book that can be seen up to 1080pHD and I kind of felt like I was physically there or you were physically in my bedroom. With just under 4000 views, this video is pretty exclusive, yah know.

The content is self-deprecating as fuck.

toronto men's fashion week turns conservative

My friend came to my vocation of choice today to ask if I could be his plus one to Toronto's Men's Fashion Week and I told him I would think about it because there was salmon in the fridge waiting to be baked at home. I chose salmon and brown rice and it was delicious.

I was going to write a post about fashion championing gender-neutral collections and while, yes, I still am, I will be amalgamating gender-neutral collections with Toronto Men's Fashion Week.

The Guardian published an article on Monday about gendered fashion becoming more fluid with one another. What we're seeing in fashion is designers creating a new aesthetic for men that are are progressively becoming more unorthodox. Men in dresses, skirts and even fur shoes adorning the models like you would see at Acne Studio's men's fall 2014 collection.

We as a society -- with a plethora of retail options -- are essentially bored of what we're offered. Look to Pelayo Diaz (above) of Kate Loves Me who is donning the ubiquitous galaxy jumper from Balenciaga's fall 2012 women's collection. Or you'll likely see Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller in a men's Uniqlo shirt because she got it for free. Don't forget about me, I own a few women's pieces because my slender and short legs look amazing and also too, there are more fucking options.

Toronto Men's Fashion Week kicked off on August 12 with a roster of local talents with a little unwarranted caveats. From every article I have read, it sounds like the TOM team are a bunch of fascist heteronormative bros knighting themselves as the gender police. Toronto designer L'uomo Strano, who's aesthetic is skewed in androgyny, has been removed from the schedule due to accusations that his line was too feminine.

Can I ask TOM, what is too feminine? You state that you want to join the ranks of other high profile men's fashion week like Pitti Uomo or London Collections: Men, who have international designers like J.W. Anderson and Rick Owns creating a "feminine aesthetic", but are world renowned. Would you like to be world renowned by limiting people's creative visions?

UPDATE: L'uomo Strano has been reinstated and TOM's PR team can finish their shopping at Mark's Work Wearhouse.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

your best friend julia sarr-jamois

There's this blog circulating the Internets called I Want To Be A Roitfeld and while that blog frames valid arguments on how one should become pseudo-Roitfeld's, instead, I Want To Be A Sarr-Jamois is more fitting in my life at the moment. Not because she's tres chic year 'round, but because she sports orange and that frames my argument that vicarious living is the best way to really have it all.

SSENSE, purveyor of commodity deemed to edgy for retailers like Nordstrom or Sears, have requested that Julia Sarr-Jamois, editor-at-large at iD and a fixture for street-style photographers, curate some key pieces. For what? I don't really know, the article was vague. Do you want to calculate the total? Of course you do.

How much you will incur to get Tommy Ton's attention:

3.1 Phillip Lim Dress: $1,405.
Garrett Leigh Sunglasses: $540.
Givenchy Shirt: $1,035.
Saint Laurent Shoes: $1,250.

While I can barely afford that CB2 chair that would have accented my corner wall so graciously making me look like an adult in my soon-to-be late 20's, spending $4,230 to assimilate into Sarr-Jamois is, um, rational, right?

Her favourite music video is TLC's Waterfall.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

people to know: louis w.

Summer has finally reached it's climax and while that normally falls somewhere in July, this year, it's August. Sure, we could be discussing the three finger rule or the sock-less trend, but you know what's more interesting than pre-fall: fall.

My ability to predict trends makes me kind of precocious on my own standards. I predicted Vaseline would be the new lotion and look where we are. Vaseline is not the new lotion. It should have been, it's cheap as fuck and it's multi-purposefulness should really increase its market value.

I've discussed shearling before and I'm going to reiterate it again with the release of Louis W. for A.P.C. From 3.1 Phillip Lim to Carven to Richard Chai Love to Lykke Li's No Rest For The Wicked music video, shearling is having a moment.

This French brand, A.P.C., collaborates with other people than American rappers, ahem, Kanye. Louis Wong is a co-designer at A.P.C., but wants to stray within the brand with his own capsule collection of divine leather goods. For fall 2014, inspiration continues from his last collection of British and French black and white films from the 50's and 60's. Essentially, the collection is the same, but with more refined detailing that will set you back a hefty sum.

In particular, I have my eyes on the Maurice Jacket. In a bomber silhouette with a plethora of pockets, the true selling feature would be the contrast between the shearling and the suede body. The Louis W. is emblazoned on the tag with a nostalgic typeface as if it was an author designing for the French brand.

It's appropriate that you clutch all the fall magazines to the beach.

Photo: APC

Saturday, August 2, 2014

sufjan stevens loves to kiss, boyfriend found

The act of exchanging saliva can be quite the mundane task of being in a relationship. Albeit, if you have not experienced your first kiss yet, Sufjan Stevens, singer/songwriter, wearer of wings and the elusive boyfriend to all, elaborates on why we should all love pre-coitus

For Sufjan Stevens, though, it may not even lead to coitus. And that's okay.

Stevens contributes his angelic vocals to a tribute compilation to Arthur Russels and explains why he chose to cover A Little Lost and why kissing is forever infinite.

He says: I like "A Little Lost" because it's all about kissing. I love kissing. If I could kiss all day, I would. I can't stop thinking about kissing. I like kissing more than sex because there's no end to it.

Stevens, who sounds like he has a perpetual flow of saliva, loves kissing. Oh, and the track is fucking good too.