Thursday, August 28, 2014

how to travel

Many of my dearest friends are from suburban towns who consider their four wheelers like their first born child. For me, my single speed Pierriot bicycle is like said metaphor. Albeit, it's more light, smooth and kind of enhances my urban babe status. I'm enamoured.

I juxtapose the differentiation between me and my friends because when they come to visit, we are not taking the bus and we are not riding the subway -- we are riding bikes. They hesitate. It's the only efficient way to get around this fucking city and I play the game of beat the streetcar and bikers on cruisers.

The friends I mentioned, they get a feeling of anxiety with the idea of riding in the city because it seems chaotic and just down right ludicrous, but once they delve in, it's really just like riding your bike to grandmas. So when HBO released this Girls teaser of Hanna falling to her imminent death, I thought of my friends who don't ride bikes.

This is sort of a P.S.A. to start riding bikes.

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