Tuesday, August 12, 2014

your best friend julia sarr-jamois

There's this blog circulating the Internets called I Want To Be A Roitfeld and while that blog frames valid arguments on how one should become pseudo-Roitfeld's, instead, I Want To Be A Sarr-Jamois is more fitting in my life at the moment. Not because she's tres chic year 'round, but because she sports orange and that frames my argument that vicarious living is the best way to really have it all.

SSENSE, purveyor of commodity deemed to edgy for retailers like Nordstrom or Sears, have requested that Julia Sarr-Jamois, editor-at-large at iD and a fixture for street-style photographers, curate some key pieces. For what? I don't really know, the article was vague. Do you want to calculate the total? Of course you do.

How much you will incur to get Tommy Ton's attention:

3.1 Phillip Lim Dress: $1,405.
Garrett Leigh Sunglasses: $540.
Givenchy Shirt: $1,035.
Saint Laurent Shoes: $1,250.

While I can barely afford that CB2 chair that would have accented my corner wall so graciously making me look like an adult in my soon-to-be late 20's, spending $4,230 to assimilate into Sarr-Jamois is, um, rational, right?

Her favourite music video is TLC's Waterfall.

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