Saturday, September 6, 2014

cooking eggs with hannibal buress

It's Saturday morning and all I want to do at this very moment is skim through for fashion week updates and weep about how I can't see Imran Amed today of Business of Fashion. My schedule doesn't allow me to be in his presence so, ahem.

There's two options on how I could start my morning right now. 1. I could go down one floor to the kitchen and eat some eggs and home fries that my roommate just freshly made, or 2. I could stay in bed and watch Broad City's Hannibal Buress teach us how to cook eggs on my bed. Yum, phantom eggs.

Are we going to talk about how his character Lincoln feels objectified because all Ilana wants is sex?

No? Enjoy your fucking weekend.

He doesn't know how to cook eggs and you are not living life until you add the ARUGULA!

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